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LOL I loved it

Partly because i was in the same situation a few weeks ago.. I just wish i had the fireworks at the time... but its a great flash and the style of your art work is really unique i think u made a new fan, cant wait to see more


AWHH NAHH THAT WAS HILARIOUS!! Its the bit right at the end the way his head turns after he stabbed the strategy guide guy.

Funny as always, no need for improvement just hilarious.

Not funny at all

This is really not funny at all. Unless all the people who voted 10 are 5 or your other work has earned you a loyal fanbase i really dont see how people find this funny. I just really don't see how you can sit and laugh at two people burping back and forth its just lame, two stars for the art work and the fact that its a working flash.

But in future, think. Consider some well thought out comedy with punch lines, irony or something over than gas exchange.

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Artwork was great but its let down by the story

The story was disapointing. I expected more clever parodies of wonderland and several different rooms to see like in the first game but in this one it seemed quite limited and short.

It only took me about 5 minutes to complete it because the puzzles didnt really take much thought. Ill admit the dark atmosphere, brilliant artwork and the mad hatters strange personality is a plus but it still doesn't make up for a good long storyline.


I ended up getting raped by some kind of creature! Very creepy and strange storyline, I can tell your good at original writing because the way the game made me use imagery was enough to creep me out

It is unqiue ill give you that and for those who dont know this game is like a choice game you basicly roll your mouse over the text that you want to follow next. The story doesn't really capture me but to be fair at the beginning your not really reading because your still trying to work out if its some kind of cut scene.

A Good effort overall but i think you would get better reviews if you made it less confusing because i think most dont understand the concept of the game.

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Not so much as a hiphop beat

as a video game intrumental id give it a 7/10 but as a hiphop beat about a 4/10

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lool the faces are pretty funny

and im so so sorry.. i hope it washed out lol

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